Gangnam Style ranked 1st in Itunes

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Gangnam Style's video clip is about to reach 200 million views on Youtube, and still the fever keeps rising!
Right now Gangnam Style is ranked 1st in Itunes Autralia and US top 10 songs. How far will it go ?


However the song is not even in the Top 10 for France, Germany and UK. Maybe in these countries the Gangnam Style's effect will be a little bit delayed
Gangnam Style top 10 Itunes
Here is an interesting article comparing its success on Youtube with other successful videos (Call me Mabye, Justin Bieber).

Now that PSY's popularity is reaching its maximum in the US, PSY made a live performance for NBC Today show, and made an appearance on the Saturday Night live.


Don't forget that you can find a list of the best parodies and covers of Gangnam Style here.
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