Oustanding nightview from space of the North and South Korean border (Dec 7, 2012)

Korea nightview from space - Seoul
Nasa has released images of the World seen from space. These outstanding nightviews give an interesting insight on the economical development of countries.

The images of the border between South and North Korea clearly show the difference in terms of economical develpment.

Funny Korean commercials: Farting doll and Horse Riding Ace power (Dec 1, 2012)

Korean funny commercials
Here is a selection of two funny Korean commercials. The 1st one is for a farting doll and the second one is for a "special" sport device.
Which one do you like the most ?

Seoul - King Sejong statue in Gwanghwamun Seoul - Gyeongbokgung palace Seoul - Temple in National Cemetery Seoul - Jeon Tae-il statue