Gangnam Style is about to reach the 2 billion views mark! (Feb 9, 2014)

Gangnam style - 2 billion views
Gangnam Style has been the Youtube phenomenon of 2012. By being the first video to reach the billion mark and the most liked video on Youtube, it has entered the Guinness book. But almost one year and half later, we don't hear about it anymore. However...

French people singing Gangnam Style 재미있죠? (Jun 4, 2013)

French flag
In a French TV Show titled "Air de Star", famous French people try to imitate famous singers. Recently one of the candidate had to imitate Psy and its famous "Gangnam Style".
The result is really funny, especially if you understand Korean!!! Check it out.

How to type Korean on Windows 8? (Jan 22, 2013)

Typing Hangul on Windows
Since Korean uses a different alphabet you cannot type Korean on Windows 8 with the default keyboard settings.
Fortunately it takes only 1 minute to add Korean Keyboard input method in Windows 8. Here you will find a video tutorial and a full description to achieve it.

Oustanding nightview from space of the North and South Korean border (Dec 7, 2012)

Korea nightview from space - Seoul
Nasa has released images of the World seen from space. These outstanding nightviews give an interesting insight on the economical development of countries.

The images of the border between South and North Korea clearly show the difference in terms of economical develpment.

Funny Korean commercials: Farting doll and Horse Riding Ace power (Dec 1, 2012)

Korean funny commercials
Here is a selection of two funny Korean commercials. The 1st one is for a farting doll and the second one is for a "special" sport device.
Which one do you like the most ?

Food for change: A super cute commercial starring children to promote healthy food (Nov 21, 2012)

Food for change - Cute Korean boy holding carrots
These days a super cute commercial is broadcasted in Korea. It has been created to promote healthy food and I guess it is dedicated to children.
Check it out here : 
Seoul - King Sejong statue in Gwanghwamun Seoul - Gyeongbokgung palace Seoul - Temple in National Cemetery Seoul - Jeon Tae-il statue