Gangnam Style breaks new records and enters the Guinness Book

Gangnam Style funny child
10 days ago Gangnam Style was reaching 200 million views on Youtube and was ranked 1st in US and Australia Itunes Top 10.
However the phenomenon has not reached the top yet. The music and the video continue to break several new records all over the world...

Gangnam Style: "The most liked video in Youtube history" 

Gangnam Style is a huge Youtube sensation; one of the biggest so far. Less than 2 months 1/2 after being released Gangnam Style's video has been liked more than 2 783 786 times! This new record just entered the "Guinness World Record" book as the most liked video in Youtube history.

Over the last 10 days the video has been seen 77 million times more, for a total of 277 million views now!
It is already the 19th most watched video on Youtube, in front of "Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe" (270 million) and right behind "Nicki Minaj - Super Bass" (280 million). And the slope is still positive:

Still every day new parodies, covers and flash mobs videos are popping up on Youtube.

Ranked 1st in Itunes Top in UK, enters top 10 in Germany

The song is still 1st in US and Australia, but is now also 1st in UK. It is ranked 10th in Germany:
Itunes top 10 songs - Gangnam style is first
Itunes store top 10 songs

Will Gangnam Style be the video to finally break Justin Bieber's "Most seen" video record?
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