How to type Korean on Windows 7?

Since Korean uses a different alphabet you cannot type Korean on Windows 7 with the default keyboard settings.
Fortunately it takes only 1 minute to add Korean Keyboard input method in Windows. Here you will find a video tutorial and a full description to achieve it.

It is divided in 3 parts:  
    1. Video tutorial   
    2. Tutorial with printscreens
    3. Extra information on the keyboard layout and keyboard stickers

1. Video tutorial

2. Tutorial with printscreens

First Open Windows 7's Control Panel (Start Menu => Control Panel).
In the section "Clock, Language and Region" Click on "Change keyboards or other input methods"
Windows 7 - Clock, Language and Region

Then only 5 steps are needed to enable Korean typing :
Windows 7 - Change keyboard
1. In the new window click on "Change Keyboards"
Windows 7 - Add keyboard input method
2. Click on "Add"
Windows 7 - Add keyboard input method
3. In the list find "Korean (Korea)", check the box "Microsoft IME" then click on "OK"
Windows 7 - Add keyboard input method
4. Don't forget to click on "Apply" to finish
Windows 7 -  Switch keyboard input
5. We are done. Now look at the bottom right and click on "EN". Choose "KO" to type Korean. 

3. Extra information: Korean keyboard layout and keyboard stickers

In order to find the location of the Korean letters you can check (maybe print) the Korean keyboard layout:
Korean Keyboard layout
Source:wikipedia - Click to enlarge

Something also really useful is to put stickers on your keyboard. Then you don't need to randomly search which key to press. For example you can find these stickers on Amazon.
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