Gangnam Style is about to reach the 2 billion views mark!

Gangnam style - 2 billion views
Gangnam Style has been the Youtube phenomenon of 2012. By being the first video to reach the billion mark and the most liked video on Youtube, it has entered the Guinness book. But almost one year and half later, we don't hear about it anymore. However...

However Gangnam Style is slowly getting close to the 2 billion views mark! As I write these lines the view count is 1 902 090 258.

There is no doubt that Psy's song will pass the two billion views in the coming months. It is funny when I look back at my article reporting the 200 million views mark (here). I wouldn't have expected to write about 2 billion views at all.

In the meantime, you can watch a compilation of the best Gangnam style parodies and covers that I listed in this article. ;p

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