Speed Drawing #12 - Vegeta's new form: Limit breaker / Ultra Instinct - [Dragon Ball Super Episode 123]

My new speed drawing is starring Vegeta (again), from the episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super where Vegeta reaches a new form Limit Breaker / Ultra Instinct (I don't know how to name it).

You can find all my drawings on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dancinglikeahorse
More drawings to come soon!

Here is the final result:
Speed drawing of Vegeta's new form : Limit Breaker / Ultra Instinct - Dragon Ball Super Episode 123

In case you missed it, few weeks ago I also drew San Goku's Ultra Instinct form
Goku Ultra Instinct Speed Drawing

I also did two other Speed Drawings on Vegeta (Click the picture to access the video):


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